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Knowing How to Read Your Car Battery.

Jumper cables are being placed onto a car battery for testing.

Your car battery is responsible for providing the engine with starting power and stabilises the voltage to keep the engine running smoothly. Simply put, your vehicle will not run without one so it’s important to maintain a reliable battery.

So, how well do you know your car battery? Here, we look at some simple ways in which you can monitor and maintain your car battery to keep your car up and running.

How long does a car battery last?

How long your car battery will last is dependent on a number of factors, including:

  • The age of the battery: a car battery will typically last for 3 to 5 years.

  • Use: to preserve battery life, turn your car engine off when not in use. This will help to preserve battery life. It is also important to drive your car regularly to avoid getting a flat battery as it only charges when the engine is running.

  • Weather/environmental conditions: your battery is affected by extreme temperatures. Heat can cause battery damage as a result of water loss and heat distortion.

How can I get the most out of my car battery?

Through proper maintenance, you can reduce the general wear to your car battery. This includes:

Regular vehicle servicing

When you stick to your recommended vehicle servicing schedule (which you can find in your owner’s manual), you can feel confident that your car is performing at its best.

A poorly maintained vehicle can result in a car engine that requires more power from the battery, which reduces the life of your car battery.

If you know that your car is due for a service, why not contact your local Tyrepower Store to book a service? Our qualified technicians can test your car battery to assess its current condition.

Keeping the battery terminals clean

When you keep your car battery clean and free of corrosion, it operates at its best. If your car battery becomes heavily corroded, or the terminals are damaged, it can prevent the engine from starting. This is due to the built-up grime, which adds a layer of resistance between your car and the battery.

This can be avoided so long as the battery terminals are kept clean. You can do this yourself at home, or have one of the qualified technicians at your local Tyrepower Store clean any built-up grime or corrosion for you. If your car battery is showing any signs of damage, they can also replace the terminals where possible.

Checking the battery clamps

The vibrations experienced during everyday driving can cause damage to the cells within your car battery. This can then result in premature battery failure.

Your car battery shouldn’t be able to move or vibrate. Ensure that there is no damage to the clamps holding your battery in place, and replace them at your local Tyrepower if there is.

Monitoring and topping up electrolyte levels

Not all car batteries require having their electrolyte levels topped up. If you have a maintenance-free battery then this section doesn’t apply to you.

However, if you do have a low-maintenance battery, you should check the fluid levels on a regular basis. The water in your car battery evaporates over time as the battery is charged and discharged.

It is important to be aware that car batteries contain acid, which is hazardous if spilt. If you would like assistance topping-up the fluid in your car battery, be sure to contact your local Tyrepower store for assistance.

Doing a visual inspection of your car battery

You can give your car battery a simple once over visually to look for any signs of leaks, bulges or cracks. This can help to avoid potentially unexpected car battery failure.

If you notice any leaks, bulges or cracks, contact your local Tyrepower store. It may be time to buy a new car battery.

Tyrepower supply and install quality, Australian made batteries suited to most vehicle makes and models at selected Tyrepower stores around Australia. Call (07) 5499 6987 for information on the nearest store to you. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with all your battery needs.

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